Community Outreach

Work together to support a thriving landscape and high quality of life for all who call this place home and create opportunities for the public to experience and strengthen their connection to the natural world.

Over the years we have realized that wolves, nor weeds, nor water, nor wildfire stop at fence lines. We have realized that we as humans are the only ones that limit ourselves to one side of the fence or the other. Since all other elements of the natural world work on both sides of the fence, the need for a community-based approach in much that we do became evident. Therefore we are striving to work across fence lines with our friends and neighbors in effort to create a thriving landscape and high quality of life for all who live and share this place. 

It does not stop there though. As we began to undertake this process, we were supported by many state and federal agencies, NGOs and extended community and the individuals that represented them. Today, these partners have become more than supporting organizations. They are trusted friends. 

Finally, we believe that facilitating opportunities for our partners and the public to engage in experiences that connect them to the natural world is very important. 

Over the past three years we have hosted numerous school groups, professors and/or graduate students to come participate in the work we are doing. In addition, we have hosted education- based groups from Yellowstone National Park, conservation based NGOs, and state agencies to come share in our efforts. Combined with these opportunities and events we have hosted horsemanship and stockmanship clinics taught by leaders in the business. 

Whether it is putting up fladry around a calving pasture to deter wolves from the area, moving cattle out to summer Forest Service Permits, branding, hand-picking weeds, tracking wildlife to determine how animals are utilizing the landscape, or bottle feeding calves, we enjoy sharing our way of life! 

Talks, Seminars & Community Gatherings

TMBA hosts a variety of seminars, talks, and open-ended discussions involving topics like approaches to ranching and living in grizzly/wolf country, holistic ranch management practices, and low-stress livestock handling. Please visit our upcoming events page to see what gatherings are in the near future. If you or your organization are interested in a ranch tour and/or talk, please contact us today