The Beginning

By Louise Johns

Range riding is about a relationship - one that is cultivated by hours and days spent observing, moving, and being present on the landscape during the most tender hours of the day. A range rider’s job is to strike a balance, to understand the patterns and rhythms of Tom Miner Basin, as creatures, wild and domestic, human and non-human, come and go.  Daniel and Dre, Tom Miner's two seasonal range riders, began honing this relationship on May 15, on the brink of springtime. 

A brief overview of the past two weeks in Tom Miner: 

Calves are alive and figuring out how to keep track of their mothers; elk are feeding on springtime's green grass; sandhill cranes are picking up twigs and worms in the lush soil while calves dumbfoundedly observe; Niles the foster calf spends the day awaiting his next bottle-fed meal; horses are remembering what it feels like to be caught; wolves are yet to be seen; and bears are sneaking into the dog food bin on the porch of the Anderson house. And the humans?

We're in and amongst it all.