Portable Electric Fencing & Fladry

Some ranches implement the use of temporary electric fence to create small pastures for cattle. Cattle are rotated frequently through these  pastures in a short-term, high intensity grazing system. Primarily, ranchers are using this tool to impact the range most effectively. However, the use of temporary electric fence has also complimented the range riders' efforts to keep cattle gathered in a herd and thus less vulnerable to predation. 

With the help of our local FFA chapter’s, wildlife agency volunteers, and others, some basin ranchers have surrounded their calving pastures with electrified fladry. This tool works to deter wolves from crossing fence lines where fladry is set up. Because the flags move and blow in the wind, the fladry is a novelty and is unpredictable in the minds of the wolves. Once calving is over, the fladry is removed until the following year. We’ve had 6 successful calving seasons in the basin with fladry working to deter depredations on calves 100% of the time. If you’d like to know more about how to use to fladry or how to get fladry, feel free to contact us anytime.

Portable electric fence is used to create management-intensive grazing plan through our upper basin fields and large grazing areas as well as protecting sensitive riparian areas from over-use. Not only does it greatly benefit management livestock as they continually move across the landscape, it also is used for prescribed grazing techniques, where livestock managers use cattle as a tool to create and enhance overall rangeland/soil health.