Predators & Wildlife

Minimizing livestock loss due to predation while supporting thriving wildlife populations on our landscape.

In Tom Miner Basin we are taking a proactive approach to managing our livestock on a landscape rich with predators. With a resident wolf pack of 12 and over 20 grizzly bears that call the Basin home, we as ranchers are continually confronted with the challenge of how to run successful ranching operations. This has led us to explore and create ways to manage our livestock that make them less vulnerable to predation while increasing the vigor and health of our rangelands and maintaining sustainable ranching businesses across the landscape.

Range Rider Program

Increasing our human presence and rekindling the herd instinct in livestock

Carcass Management

Minimizing our influence on predator behavior

Portable Electric Fencing & Fladry

Effectively grazing the range and deterring predation during calving season 

Wildlife Tracking

Increasing our awareness of the wildlife on this shared landscape