Finding Common Ground

"Out beyond the ideas of rightdoing and wrong doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there."  RUMI

Tom Miner Basin functions as a unique, biologically productive area for livestock, a diverse and highly desirable habitat for multiple species of wildlife (grizzly bears, wolves, moose, and elk, to name a few) and an established recreational area for many hikers, hunters and tourists. With it’s proximity to Yellowstone Park, Tom Miner encompasses an interesting system in terms of the dynamic between people, wildlife, and livestock who live on the landscape. Given the varied ways the Basin is shared, the need for a holistic approach and proactive management on the range is clear and evident.

We believe in the natural systems that sustain wildlife habitat, biological diversity and functioning watersheds. These are the same systems that make land productive for wildlife and livestock, and therefore our goal within our ranching community is to manage our livestock in a such a way that works to keep those systems healthy and in place. We are striving for a healthy and productive rangeland, thriving and diverse wildlife populations, sustainable ranching businesses, and a wild, healthy landscape to share with the public and leave better than how we found it and for generations to come.